Our housewares section is all about items that we make that you don't wear!!



Our NEWEST addition is the TUFFET!   What's a tuffet you's our version of a foot stool or low seat, a pouf or small clump of something, like grass.


We are using our fabric scraps for the inside stuffing and are scrounging for men's wool jackets, wool skirts and wool pants to construct the outside. Even the zipper is from an old sweater. We fill each tuffet with nearly 20 lbs of scraps, diverting all that waste from the landfill. And so, we're proud to say, each tuffet is 99% upcycled!

All proceeds forever will go to CASA.  Mental health is tough. Have a seat and start a conversation.


We're planning to spend a lot of time outside this winter and if you're thinking the same, grab a couple of our Norwegian sitting mats, simply called Sitteunderlags.  These mats are great for cool winter patios, ice hockey games, camping and hiking around the mountains or just sitting in your own backyard around a fire. 


A local potter's mug, a 'matching' pair of mittens and a woolly coaster.  The perfect sweater set! It all comes wrapped in a handmade bag.

Canada's Coast-ers:

Sometimes a sweater felts up so tight that it's not much use for mittens, so we cut them into squares, stitch a border and create coasters.  We've checked the old atlas for names of Canadian Coasts and their towns and given each set of four a name.  



Our Christmas stockings are old school! We patch together pieces of wool that we've used for some of our other projects, we reinforce the toe and the heel and then add a piece of leather to hang them by the fireplace with.