We had so much fun riding and raising money this past summer for Casa's virtual ride, that we've signed up again for their live, like real life, Cycle tour this summer!  Barring any unforeseen restrictions, or you know, pandemics, we'll be hitting the road on July 11, 2021 for a tour through the most magnificent landscapes in Southern Alberta.  7 days, 826 kilometers and gulp....  7, 040m of elevation! 


And so our training begins!  Spin bikes, fat tire bikes and hopefully some gym time soon, will get us ready. And from today until July 10, 100% of the proceeds of everything we sell will go straight to our fund raising goal of $10,000. Please watch our instagram and facebook pages for some new and some old faithful products that you can purchase all in support of the invaluable services CASA provide for children, adolescents and their families with mental health and addictions concerns. Of course, you can sponsor us, we're riding as the JJ JOY RIDERS team.  

We still have our outdoor space set up.  If you'd like to try on a skirt or two (no shame) or browse some mittens or anything else, we'll gladly set you up outside.  Free hand sanitizer, limit of one visitor at a time and face masks will help keep us all safe.  Call or text ahead of time so we can hop off our bikes and help you!  780.233. 2448 at 9516-86 Avenue, Edmonton.


For more information about CASA, please visit: